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Vincent and Lesley standing under the sign to the Grand Teton National Park. Vincent is wearing a Hawaiian style button down shirt, Levi blue jeans, Paul Bonds custom boots and a belt buckle with a handmade leather tooled belt. He has on cowboy style hat. Lesley is a blonde woman wearing blue jeans, an army green shirt with black eel skin boots.

Connect with Vast Legacies on Instagram or Facebook for more hand-made craftsmanship as we travel through the wild, wild west. Drop us a line through email @ [email protected]

The picture is of Lesley Mouton. She is in Coral Pink Sand dunes in Kanab, UT. She's standing with her left hand in the front pocket of her white jeans and holding a Cannon EOS RP camera in her hand. She's wearing sunglasses on her head and white sandals with a River Bend Ranch tshirt on.

If you want a holistic health approach to wellness, connect with Lesley on Instagram, or email her at [email protected].

For information on training, lessons, and sales for cowhorses, connect with Vincent on Instagram, or email @ [email protected]

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