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picture of a woman Lesley Mouton and a man Vincent Sanchez standing at a lookout point at the Chiricahua Monument. the woman is wearing blue jeans, white shirt and black puffer vest. The man is wearing blue jeans, a white shirt and blue jean jacket with a handmade cowboy hat
Lesley is a blonde girl wearing sunglasses, blue jeans, black boots and a black leather jacket. Vincent has a salt and pepper mustache and is wearing a cowboy hat, blue jeans and a black leather jacket with cowboy boots. They are both holding a lease with a shih tzu dog at the end.
standing in front of the falls in Idaho falls, Idaho, there is a blonde woman wearing a blue jearn shirt and khaki pants with brown sandlas. The man is wearing a light blue polo styled shirt, blue jearns, cowboy boots and hat
picture of a man Vincent Sanchez wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans, Serengeti sunglasses, hand etched belt buckle, handmade leather belt, paul bond custom boots and custom cowboy hat. The woman, Lesley Mouton is wearing glasses, has blonde har and a blue dress. they are standing in front of Lake

As the song by Rascal Flatts called “The Broken Road” says, all the broken roads led me straight to you, seems to be the story of our lives together. Vince and I met 33 years ago in Imperial Valley of southern California. He was riding horses and I moved out there to live with my parents, as my dad was working there. We had many adventures together from California, Louisiana, New Mexico to Arizona in planes trains and automobiles. After a year or so, we went our separate ways.
As fate would have it, we reconnected and after a brief time spent in Arizona with him, we vowed to never travel far from each other again.

We came to realize that we both had a passion and interest for artisans that are still creating quality articles with both old and new techniques.

Vince and Lesley feel strongly about leaving a legacy behind, not just for our families, but for all those interested in learning, understanding, and using some of these timeless traditions to keep them alive. 

While traveling in the RV (our land yacht) we know living healthier may pose as a challenge, so we share with others simpler, budget-friendly ways to do so. 

Join us as we travel the highways and byways that weave the fabric of our great country, known as America, with our pups Elcie and Ellie Mae by our sides!

Always keep it between the mustard and the mayo!

The picture is of a blonde woman with black glasses and silver and diamond jewelry on her ears and neck. She is smiling into the camera with pink lipstick on. She has green eyes.


Traveling and learning history was what my family did as I grew up. We drove to Arkansas and back to Louisiana every Thanksgiving.  My sister and I were fortunate spend the summers in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas with our Grandparents on their farm and only store for fifty miles around. When I was older, we took family vacations together visiting Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Canada, Florida, Arkansas and places in our home state of Louisiana. This is where my love for traveling, and photography began.

In my early twenties, I was fortunate to travel with my parents, as they moved around for my dad’s work. We lived in California, Alabama and Florida. Seeing different places and experiencing diverse cultures always kept me curious to learn more and share with others what I had learned.

I eventually settled down in southern Louisiana for 30 years to raise my two daughters. As my husband, girls and I would travel for trips or visit family out of state, I dreamt of living in various places. My gypsy soul always seemed to be tapping me on my shoulder telling me to pack it all up and move! Dreams of traveling the United States never left my thoughts and desires.

After reuniting with Vince, we decided to take my entrepreneurship mindset, home-based business, love for photography and travel and make it permanent. Of course, the dogs (Elcie and Ellie Mae) came, too!

I hope you learn something along the way through our journeys. I’m looking forward to taking you places you have not yet explored.

Here’s to hoping our paths will cross! Be safe out there!!



After leaving home at the age of 15, and of course like many young men being headstrong and determined that I was much smarter than my parents, I decided to go to work on a cow outfit in Southwest New Mexico. This family had a daughter who would become the 1st female Supreme Court Justice of the United States. While in this area, I made many friends and acquaintances, whose paths, in time, I would cross again.  

In my many travels through areas of Texas, California, Northern Arizona, and several places in New Mexico, I rode horses and worked on cow outfits. Along the way, I was blessed with opportunities that have forwarded my skills in saddle making, rawhide braiding, forging, and would like to continue adding feathers to my cap in boot making, engraving, hat making, and too many other to mention. I am in hopes that I will be able to bring you along, so you may experience these wonderful talents.

Most of my life has been enjoying the things I loved most. As like Lesley, I have been intrigued by so many craftsmen and woman. We are setting out to take you along as we cross paths with the wonderful people who have chosen to maintain and pass down their vast knowledge. They so graciously allow us to share an excerpt of their lives through their trade and talent.

I hope you will join me and Lesley on our journey down the highways and byways of this great country we call America.

Always keep your mind in the middle and a leg on either side!

Recent Travels

Grand Canyon, Arizona

With snow still on the ground, this was the first site of the Grand Canyon that took our breath away! 

Snow Bowl, Arizona this is 2 mountains with pine trees and snow on the ground

Traveling from Flagstaff, AZ to the Grand Canyon National Park did not disappoint. Snow and pine trees were everywhere. 

the deep canyon of the Grand Canyon in Arizona with snow still on the ground

Grand Canyon National State Park was truly grand. It made me feel ant size compared to my surroundings. 

A small creek that ran alongside the Museum of Northern Arizona

After visiting the Museum of Nothern Arizona in Flagstaff, AZ, we strolled outside near this creek full of snow and listened to the stream flow past us.