The Double E’s

2 shihtzue female dogs riding in the back seat of a GMC Sierra truck. They just finished eating a pup cup full of whip cream from the coffee shop drive thru.
Elcie is a female shih tzu dog standing on a rock in the stream
Ellie Mae is a female black and white shih tzu dog standing in the middle of a creek in the water
2 gery, black and white shih tzu dogs standing on a navy and white rig from ruggables
2 shih tzu dogs in a Pet Smart basket in Tucson, AZ with a toy in their mouth

Elcie and Ellie Mae are the Double E’s and our baby girls and travel with us everywhere. They love riding in the Jeep, the GMC truck, hiking the mountains, swimming, and meeting new people along the way. They especially love when the coffee shop people give them a pup cup to share! 
You never know where they’ll be next!

picture of two grey and white shih tzu dogs licking a cup of whip cream given by the coffee shop while in the drive thru

When we’re on the road, we always make it a point to find a locally-owned coffee shop.
While visiting these shops, the workers fall in love with Elcie and Ellie Mae staring at them through the back window. Once they spot the pups, they’ll offer a pup cup full of whipped cream. 

These pup cups are a huge hit! The girls love them and don’t seem to mind sharing; which is a rare event! Now, as soon as they smell the coffee, they start crying in the back seat, because they know what’s coming.
Pup cups for LIFE! HAHAHA

Elcie and Ellie Mae are Shih Tzu dogs. They were both born in Arkansas to the same parents, just different litters. 

Elcie will be 10 years old on 10/29/23. Ellie Mae will be 9 on 2/5/24.

Their favorite words are: wanna go? Treat? 

Both girls are so used to traveling that as soon as they go outside they automatically potty and walk to the GMC truck or Jeep and sit and wait. 

Dogs are a joy, as well as a lot of work. Sometimes it’s like having toddlers around, but they bring us joy along with the work and worry!

We’ll enjoy them for now!