The Sights and Finds in Seymour, Texas

Picture of a western blanket on a rocking chair with a coat rack behind it with cowboy hats hanging off of it

The Sights and Finds in Seymour, Texas


We started our journey from our winter home in York Valley, AZ toward Texas. We didn’t mind the drive while seeing some beautiful country, as always!

After heading for the New Mexico line through Duncan, Az and across the S.W. corner of Nuevo Mexico, the state I was born in; we hopped on I-10 at Lordsburg and pointed our GMC east towards Las Cruces where we stopped for some expensive push water (Gas) and went on up the Organ Mountain pass!! Once over the pass you will see an odd anomaly. YUP!! White Sand and plenty of it almost as far as you can see in the pictures. Rolling on into Alamogordo; word meaning (Fat Cottonwood) yep one day may have to change that name trees may get mad!! Next little town is Tularosa don’t blink you will miss it!


On we go to Carrizozo. The area starts to change here with more cedar and bigger hills!! Winding north we blitz through a couple of little burgs that are dang near dead or barely hanging on. Finally hit I-40 and made our way to Santa Rosa where we checked into our hotel and went hunting for some chuck (Food). After a round or two we settled on some Mexican food. Can’t go wrong with a belly bomb of beans and chili!!  After some dinner, it was off to bed, and it didn’t take long for me to be staring at the backs of my eyelids!!!

We stayed for a few; we didn’t hang around there much.

Hitting the Hay in Seymour, Texas

After searching for a hard-to-come-by place to stay, we found an Airbnb in Seymour. We stayed there for a few nights. It was quiet, clean, and had all the amenities of a home including a washer/dryer and BBQ pit out back. The air conditioning worked extremely well and there was plenty of room in the full-size refrigerator for all your groceries. You’ll find the grocery store, United Supermarket, just blocks away.  Check out this great Airbnb, and Once there, let Brent and Karen know we sent you!

Grub Hub in Seymour, Texas

Looking for a place to eat while there? We visited a few locally owned restaurants during our stay here. There’s something to be said about smaller towns with locally owned places and only one fast-food restaurant. You can get a healthier meal while supporting local businesses and a nice change from Mexican food!

Long Branch Roadhouse Restaurant & Bar was absolutely delicious, on both nights we ate there. Their service and atmosphere were the epitome of true Texan hospitality. Service with a smile and lots of yes sirs all around! Curtis Bass is the cook/owner/operator of this restaurant and bar. There are a couple of pool tables, a corn hole game, and a dance floor. Also, on certain nights they offer live entertainment.

Sign of Long Brnach Roadhouse in Seymour, Texas

The Big Empty Beer and BBQ is a Texan-style BBQ restaurant. From brisket to salads to yummy dessert, this place was scrumptious. The service was good and prompt.

While in Childress, we didn’t visit many businesses other than the  Ballywho. They offered a great variety of coffees, eats and had a huge gift and clothes shop. Everywhere you looked was merchandise that made you feel like you had stepped back in time.

That’s what she said! (Lesley’s two cents)

There’s something to be said about Texas hospitality. It reminds me of Southern hospitality but with a twang. It’s soothing. It’s personable. People wave at you just driving down the road. They show up at each other’s ranch to lend a helping hand. They’ll even drive on the shoulder to let you by, so no need to tailgate! Lots of “Yes Ma’am, No Sir” to everyone and from everyone. The cowboys tip their hats when shaking your hand to greet you, too! Chivalry is not dead. You just need to know where to find it!

Interesting Finds

While in Seymour, we were lucky enough to visit with a couple of bootmakers. Now, we’re not talking about a huge warehouse that is pumping out 1,000 pairs of boots to fit anyone and everyone’s feet. Oh no, my friend! These aren’t just handmade boots. They are come into the shop, measure your feet, make a last that matches your foot, and they’ll build you a pair of custom to fit your feet boots. You can pick the type of material, color, height of the boot, talk about a design, and even stitching color. When you leave the boot shop, you’ll have an order for a pair of custom boots, designed and built just for you. What’s more important is the friendship you’ll have made with the bootmaker.

Please look for our bootmaker blog coming soon. You won’t want to miss out on that! And catch up on some other adventures!

Until we meet again, be safe and keep it between the mustard and the mayo!